About Us

IBC Academy was born thanks to a series of circumstances that give meaning this project:

Firstly, the founder’s experience for more than 25 years as a coach and scouter in different categories and levels.

Secondly, the request of more than 250 American players in the past year to have an opportunity in professional or semi-professional European Basketball.

To all this we must add the extensive network of contacts with clubs and coaches across Europe that we have.

All of the above gave birth to the idea of ​​creating an academy in the USA and Spain in which a qualified staff will work with players individually and collectively to prepare them to make the leap to professional European Basketball.

We cannot guarantee that at the end of the academy our players have a professional contract but we can ensure that they will be more prepared to face this challenge with a fair chance of success since during their stay at the academy they will address those aspects that can make a difference with other candidates.

In addition to all this, our scouter along with the staff of coaches will make, for each player, a professional e-report (IBCA e-report) signed by our head coach with several  details that will be delivered to the player so that he can send it to as many teams as he wishes.

Additionally, the IBC Academy will send the reports to all the clubs in which we honestly believe that the player has a chance at success.

All this makes this process beneficial in itself for the player and also expands his chances of finding a way into European basketball.

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