Our vision

IBC Academy wants to help american and european players with talent like you to start a professional career in European Basketball. We cannot guarantee a contract but we have the right tools to make it easier.

The goal of IBC Academy is to obtain a complete knowledge of our players. With this knowledge, we can build your electronic report with complete information about you that will be key for European teams to decide about you when they need to sign a player.

basketball academy internationalWhy do we need to work together? We want to work with you improving your individual skills and working on tactical concepts. This is the only way to get to know you completely as basketball player as well as a person. In addition to all this, the fact that IBC Academy is not a players  agency ensures that our report is absolutely professional and objective.

We are not an agency. If you sign a professional contract we’ll be proud of our common work but we will be completely out of the operation.

The coaches who will receive your report will know that it’s based in a full knowledge of you in all aspects: physical, tecnical, tactical as well as psycological aspects.

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