At the end of the stay in our programs, we will deliver to each player his e-report. This exclusive report is the key that will make it easier for European professional basketball coaches to decide for you when they need to sign a new player in their rosters.
The e-report will be the fruit of many hours of joint work of our staff with each of  IBCA players and will give the coach all the necessary information, accompanied by the films, to reach a complete knowledge of each player.

Here you will find all personal information, last teams, awards like player, level where the player has played and all details you need to know the player’s career until now.

Physical data and results of the physical capacity test performed during the player’s stay at the IBC Academy.

Thorough study of the technical aspects corresponding to the player’s game position.
Description and videos.

Check video example

Description and videos about the tactical abilities of each player working tactical aspects of great importance in professional basketball euriopeo.

Often the psychological aspects of a player are omitted in the reports that the clubs receive about possible signings. The IBC Academy staff believes that offering this information will be really useful for our players to be able to be signed up in European professional basketball.

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