e-report: we analyze you as basketball player

Whatever your goal with us, you can request the  your IBC Academy e-Report. This exhaustive analysis that we do on all aspects of your game will help you get to know yourself much better at all levels: physical, technical, tactical but also on a cognitive and psychological level.
In addition, this exclusive tool allows you to make yourself known as a player either in any professional team or in that European or US institute or university for which you are applying for a sports scholarship.

e-report: tu informe como jugador

Cualquier jugador/a podrá solicitar la elaboración de su IBC Academy e-Report.
Esta exclusiva herramienta permite darte a conocer como jugador/a ya sea en cualquier equipo profesional o bien en aquel instituto o universidad Europea o de USA para la que optando a beca deportiva


The IBCA e-report is an exclusive tool resulting from our experience and many hours of joint work between our staff and each of our players. It will help the coach to get the most complete information about you, fully  objective and certified by our staff.
Any aspect analyzed is accompanied by the corresponding video clips and the e-report also includes a minimum of 2 full games of the player analyzed.


El IBCA e-report es el fruto de muchas horas de trabajo conjunto de nuestro staff con cada uno de nuestros/as jugadores/as y ayudará a que el entrenador reciba la más completa información sobre ti certificada de forma totalmente objetiva y profesional por nuestro staff.

Cualquier aspecto analizado va acompañado de los correspondientes clips de video y además el e-report incluye un mínimo de 2 partidos completos del jugador/a

personal information

Here you will find all the personal information, the latest teams, the level at which the player has played and all the details they need to know your career as a player so far..


Physical data and results of the physical capacity tests carried out by the player at IBC Academy during the process.


Exhaustive study of the technical aspects corresponding to the position of the player’s game. Description, evaluation of the progression, and videos.


Description and videos about the tactical skills of each player working on tactical aspects of great importance in professional basketball.


The psychological aspects of a player are very useful for our players to have a chance of taking their next step in their careers.